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The Untold Stories of Jewish-Christian Women in Nazi Germany

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DIVIDED LIVES uncovers the hidden life stories of ten women, children of Jewish-Christian marriages, whose families were persecuted during Hitler's Third Reich. These women, the Mischlinge ("half-breeds"), suffered the onslaught of anti-Jewish laws that divided spouses, families, and friends. From the early Nazi years through post-war Germany, this compelling, personal chronicle reveals the secret horrors these women endured as they struggled to survive in a nation that had betrayed them.

"Sensitive oral histories of the suffering of Hitler's tainted Aryans... Gives a voice to the neglected Mischlings and provides a significant record of both wartime and postwar Germany." Kirkus Reviews

"Impassioned...insightful...a gripping narrative...Divided Lives is a well-written, intelligent must-read."
John E. Dolibois
US Ambassador
Interrogator at Nuremberg Trials

"I believe in personal testimonies as you do -- they have no equal in their weight of truth and memory."
Elie Wiesel
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Authors note: Cynthia Crane

Cynthia Crane, whose paternal family escaped from Nazi Germany, has collected, translated, and interpreted the life stories of ten women who survived. These are universal stories of hope and survival that transcend time, race, religion, class, and gender.

More Praise for DIVIDED LIVES...

"...shows the horror of Nazi Germany in a new way." -- World Magazine

 "...straightforward eloquent prose and thought-provoking yet subtle arguments make this book a delight to read." -- NWSA Journal

"...Crane brings sympathy and an eye for present-day detail."
-- Journal of Contemporary History

 "...an important contribution to make to our understanding of those groups persecuted by the Nazi regime."
-- The Australian Journal of Politics and History

"...a precise and often frightening inside look at life for Mischlinge under the Third Reich...a welcome addition to Holocaust and Jewish studies."
-- Publishers Weekly

"These tales of 'mixed families'...bring home the awful discrimination of that time. Crane has succeeded in telling new stories..." -- Library Journal

About the Author
Cynthia Crane is Associate Professor of English at The University of Cincinnati in Ohio. She is also a communications consultant, primarily for small businesses, a speaker and lecturer. Among her awards are a J. William Fulbright Scholarship, a P.E.O. National Scholar's Award, and a URC University of Cincinnati Research Grant. Her poetry and non-fiction have appeared in various publications.

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