Jul 31, 1996
The Cincinnati Enquirer, Metro Section (excerpts).

Fulbright's impact felt among Tristate scholars
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Cynthia Crane's father was a half-Jewish child in Germany when Adolf Hitler rose to power. His memories of the country are dark, as was most of the time he spent there. Ms. Crane, returned to Germany as a Fulbright Scholar more than half a century later to find a different country that the one her father described. "It (the trip) bridged a gap for me because I always had mixed feelings about Germany. I really struggled with that because I wanted to see what it was like now, not in the 1930's," the University of Cincinnati instructor and doctoral student said. Ms. Crane's altered perception of Germany is exactly why Sen. William J. Fulbright began the Fulbright Program Aug. I, 1946. Since then several Tristate residents, including Ms. Crane, have received grants. A national celebration is planned Thursday to mark the 50th anniversary of the program -which has sent more than 200,000 students, teachers and young professionals from 140 nations to foreign lands, said Lois Herrmann, a spokeswoman for the program. 'The simple purpose of the exchange program&ldots;is to erode the culturally rooted mistrust that sets nations against one another," Mr. Fulbright, who died in 1995, wrote in his book The Price of Empire.

Ms. Crane said her personal foreign communication lines expanded after the trip. Three German friends have visited her in Cincinnati since she returned last year. She is still translating the recordings of Jewish women who survived the Third Reich. Although her father and his parents escaped, many remained. Ms. Crane wanted to tell their stories. Ms. Crane said her grandmother inspired the project. "I was fascinated by her story. I started wondering what happened to people who stayed," she said. The granddaughter said she hopes to publish a book of the stories she collected. Ms. Crane's grandmother already has published her own story.

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