Oct 15, 2008
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Eastern Hills Journal - Cincinnati Tab
"Read Books by the Banks"

Apr 22, 2006
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Toledo Blade
"Women tell their stories of the Holocaust"
By David Yonke

Feb 1, 2006
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Community Press
"Local woman writes historic narrative that resonates with a modern-day theme"
by Forrest Sellers

Jan 25, 2006
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Community Press
"Crane speaks at conference"

Jun 25, 2003
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Cincinnati City Beat
"Burning Questions: Can Nazi Racial Laws Teach Us?"
by Stephanie Dunlap

Feb 19, 2003
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Contemporary American Theatre Co.
by Thomas L. Stephens

June 2002
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University of Cincinnati: Horizons Online Edition
"UC AUTHORS do it write"

Nov 14, 2001
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Miami Herald
"Book is borne of woman's search for family history"
by Terry Kinney

Nov 2001
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Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
"Author to tell how Nazis treated 'mixed' families"
by Christie Storm

Oct 22, 2001
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The Journal-News
"Author chronicles survival: Book describes life under Nazi rule"
by David Brown

Oct 18, 2001
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The Cincinnati Enquirer
"Miami Talks A Slice of Past"
by Marta Roberts

Jun 13, 2001
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The Community Press
"Taking history to heart"
by Iris Pastor

Spring 2001
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Xavier University Magazine
"Hitler's Wrath"
by Lisa J. Mauch

May 2001
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Wittenberg (University) Magazine
"From the Hollow to the Hardback"
by Sarah E. Lowe '01

May 2001
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The News Record (University of Cincinnati)
by Lauren Miller

Apr 2, 2001
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Bowling Green Daily News
"A tale of hope and survival"
by Alicia Carmichael

Feb 17, 2001
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Dayton Daily News
"Author unites 'Divided Lives'"
by Renate Frydman

Feb 12, 2001
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Associated Press
"Search for family history leads to book"
by Terry Kinney

Feb 2001
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Hyde Park Living
"Local professor, Cynthia Crane, Ph.D. publishes book..."
by Patty Craft DeBlasis

Dec 18, 2000
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Hamilton Journal-News (featured front page)
"Divided Lives: Crane's book details discrimination's legacies"
by Ercel Eaton

Dec 14, 2000
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The Cincinnati Post, East Neighbors, p4
"Agony of German 'half-breeds' focus of professor's new book"
by Len Penix

Dec 7, 2000
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American Israelite
"Author tells story of 'Mischlinge' in Nazi Germany"
by Jody Terhar

Nov 28, 2000
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The Activist, a Raymond Walters College (University of Cincinnati) newspaper
"Divided Lives over eight years in the making Explores Jewish-Christian experience under Nazis"
By Amanda Rinear

Nov 21, 2000
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The Cincinnati Enquirer, Tempo (featured cover story)
"Writer wrestles with 'Divided Lives"
By Richelle Thompson

Nov 8, 2000
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Cincinnati Suburban Press, Eastern Hills Journal, A3
"Crane's book brings together lives"
by Jason Norman

Nov 1, 2000
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Cincinnati Magazine, Books
By Amanda Boyd

Jul 31, 1996
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The Cincinnati Enquirer, Metro
"Fulbright's impact felt among Tristate scholars"
By Perry Brothers

Aug 19, 1994
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Hamilton Journal-News, Lifestyle
"Hamilton grandmother's story inspires Fulbright scholar"
By Ercel Eaton

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